n.b. this site is evolving – not broken.

Not Broken is a collaborative partnership, gathering a stockroom of skills to call upon for our selves, our art and our clients. Photography, fine art and graphic design, along with creative and copy writing, are planned as we expand and evolve. In time there will be a sales & ordering facility, and maybe even a blog. In the meantime please contact us if you are interested in enquiring about or purchasing any of the works displayed.

We believe that words and images are powerful and plan to contribute in a positive way to that power.


Tanya Overson – writer and artist.

What fascinates me is the gulf of emotion I experience between the warmth and concern I feel for our human race, and the disdain. Individually we are awe-inspiring, even as a community we shine, but as a mass we destroy. Why? This is what I want to pursue in my work.

Texture is what it’s about for me in making art: physical texture—blending mixed media, collage and materials from nature—and emotional texture. My mixed media canvasses and ceramics investigate issues that concern or intrigue me. My figure work examines the emotional make-up of the subject.

Homelessness and child abuse are issues behind my novels. I strive to give both a face.


Kevin Spencer – visual artist, photographer and graphic designer.

After many years in IT administration and consultancy roles, I have now embarked on a far more creative and satisfying expedition through life.

Our remarkable world, and the human experience of it, are the focus of my thoughts and of my work. I am constantly astounded at the strength and resilience I see in all living things: the determination to cling to life in the face of damage and decay. Sometimes however, people break, and so I also investigate darker themes such as domestic violence and suicide.

Photography, for me, is a creative tool. It enables me to explore and express concepts, concerns and courage. Ultimately of course, I recognise that it is the viewer’s perspective and interpretation that determines the impact and the meaning of an image.